Search Engine Optimization (SEO)




All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
Disruption, friction, and change, for a better tomorrow
SEO starts with a redesign based on analytical market data
Adding "SEO" to an existing site falls short 99% of the time
Successful seo can reduce your monthly marketing spend
Customers reached via SEO are far more likely to convert vs SEM
SEO shouldn't have a monthly bill, it should occur during a redesign

Search Engine Optimization is possibly the world's most complex puzzle to solve. Today only a few hundred people fully understand the internal workings of Google's algorithm. Knowing how this algorithm works is the key to SEO. To fully understand Google’s algorithm one must have been immersed in it since its beginning. Today only a few are left standing with this knowledge. Even within Google only a handful of programmers fully understand the internal workings of its algorithm.

You can’t simply sell SEO as a service. SEO starts with a complete website redesign and is a constant battle of change. If you pay monthly for SEO services there is 99% chance you are paying for absolutely nothing. Of all the services purchased in ecommerce development, SEO is by far the biggest rip off going today.

With GT Rusty we open up our Google analytics to prospective clients to see first hand that our skills are very real. Few if any companies will even consider doing this because they have no real results to show anyone. Real SEO translates into free clicks that are of far greater value than those that are purchased through pay per click marketing programs. SEO clicks create more page views and far longer time on site, both of which translate to higher sales.