Key Features

Innovations That Keep You Ahead



At Gt Rusty we typically will have 1 or 2 new clients each year. Most of our time is spent developing existing platforms
Disruption, friction, and change, the cornerstone of success

To be the most successful in any industry you must stay ahead of the competition and evolve to seperate yourself from the pack. With a GT Rusty automotive website that is exactly what you will get. Below are just some of the features that our websites deploy to make superior to what the market has to offer.

Simple, Fast, Clean Navigation

One click final navigation to every category of vehicles. Two clicks away from every car's landing page that is in stock. With our advanced power search your customers can find the right car, no more "search not found".

Favorite Vehicles

This system allows customers to favorite cars and come back later to log in and see the saved selection. Dealer sales staff can access the cars for the customer by asking for their email address once the customer arrives at the dealer.

Compare Vehicles

This system allows up to 3 cars side by side while displaying all the relative data of all 3 cars. The compare feature can also be saved by logging in. This data can also be harvested.

Email Harvesting

We collect email address from saved searches and bookmarking. You can use saved searches when helping customers that enter the dealership.

Unique Carfax Integration

Display the carfax only on the cars you want to. You are not locked into displaying each one. It's your choice per individual vehicle, you are in complete control.

Vehicle Option Management

Our system allows you to feature the options your customers are looking for in bold color on the product and category pages. You can change the order that the options are sorted and displayed in. Do not let your website design bury all the exciting features customers want to see.

Pop Up Option Descriptions

This unique feature allows you to manually add any further text details to any listed feature. Time on page is increased and the customer does not have to leave the page to gain additional information.

Pop Up Feature Videos

This feature allows the dealer the ability to have a pop up video demonstrating any vehicle feature. The video plays on the vehicle page, keeping customers on the most important content of the site, and avoiding the negative impact with Google when a visitor isn't spending enough "time on site".

Embed Youtube Vehicle Videos

Unlike feature videos, selling videos are short videos that are designed to promote the overall car. They do not focus on a specific feature, rather they help sell the car as a whole. These videos can be the manufacturer's TV commercials or any video that promotes the car or car brand overall.

A Faster User Experience

Having the worlds fastest loading auto website took us months of code writing and it was worth every minute of it. Not all persons will be on a fast internet connection at all times so it is vital that your website load extremely fast. Just compare your website load speed to ours and you will see a drastic difference in how fast the pages load.

Algorithm Based Scoring on Listings

Cars are scored using a numeric system based on the user’s activity on site. This data allows us to put specific cars in front of the most likely buyers. Cars with heavy search activity will rise to the top of search pages. Low activity vehicles will move down the page, signalling a issue.

Simplified Color Search Feature

All colors are simplified into a group of 16 colors, allowing for a simplified customer color search. No more silly colors like Silver Pine, when it's simply a green car.

Smart Responsive (Mobile) Design

Allows you to turn off non essential features, so the mobile experience is not over cluttered, with non essential data because of small or limited mobile device screen sizes.

Data Retrieval & Reporting

Always know what cars are performing and what cars need attention with customized vehicle history and customer use reports. Know how many customers are saving and clicking on what cars, and how long they stay on any particular car page.