What We Offer




All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
Disruption, friction, and change, for a better tomorrow
Discuss our offer with others that have accepted it already
Find the true path to e commerce in the automotive industry
Escape the cookie cutter game that has neutralized so many
Secure your business growth with geographic protection
Learn how to manage real ecommerce in a mislead industry

At GT Rusty we offer auto dealers a chance to break away from what is an industry in severe trouble. We employ state of the art technology and techniques that are used in todays most competitive markets and bring that into a market that is cluttered with deceit and improprieties.

We do not expect that many will follow our path and fully understand that most auto dealers can not be reached or reasoned with because they have been so deceptively pushed into situations that fail.

As competing dealers awaken from this stuper they will find themselves locked out of the market as competing dealers find the true way to establish customer contact and retention, Its more about who gets there first - best described as, “king of the mountain”.