Geo Protected Websites

Limited to 7 Chrysler Dealers in Michigan



Upfront guaranteed geographic protection is a must
when your program actually works
Disruption, friction, and change, in a time of need

Guaranteed Geographic Protection

When you use, vAuto, or DealerOn you will most likely have the exact same website as the dealership a few miles down the road. This will never happen with your custom GT Rusty site. Our websites give you a competitive advantage, we will NOT sell multiple sites in the same region. This will protect you from your local competitors, no other auto website developers will offer you an exclusive agreement. No dealership would run the exact same advertisement as their competitors. This exactly what is happening with websites, every dealership has the exact same site.

We will protect your market share. Having a competitive advantage with your website will increase sales and foot traffic. The other dealerships in your region will notice a decline in business.