Search Engine Marketing (SEM)




All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
Disruption, friction, and change, for a better tomorrow
Marketing based on Location, Inventory and Demographics
Every Google Adwords account is client owned
Reporting data from Google is raw and never manipulated
Marketing ads change every Monday based on your inventory
We provide you monthly co-op reports for reimbursement

With GT Rusty every Search Engine Marketing program is set up as a stand alone Google Adwords account and is owned by the client. All data is raw and never translated before our clients see it. We directly pair your Google bill to your credit card. Most SEM consultants have a financial markup, they will charge a percentage of the amount you spend on Google. The more you spend on google the more your SEM “advisors” make. Your marketing bill is paid to Google directly each month and your program is a stand alone operation. We just maintain and manage the account that you outright own. If we leave for any reason your account and all of its historical data remain in your possession.

All reports you will view are raw from Google, we do not dilute or transform them in anyway which is common place in this industry. In almost every situation Auto dealers are receiving white washed analytical Google reports that are designed to show only the good and distort the bad. The manipulation of data is one of the reasons the auto industry is so far behind other ecommerce industries.

At GT Rusty you can skip this deception and move back to reality. It starts when you begin to accept the reality of what and the likes have been doing to all of you. The trick is to get free from this game before your competition does. Large financial rewards will come to dealerships that get ahead of the industry.